Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

AL KHAIR Holding Group Company has managed to be a leading investment holding group with number of specialized fully owned subsidiaries companies operating in varieties of business areas. I am pleased to see AL KHAIR progress and achievement towards the forefront of the evolving local and international partnerhsips that are mainly contributing to the realization of unique and selected sustainable projects aiming to creat the economy of scale. As we live in an era full of transformations, development, and challenges, we realize that innovation and continuous development are the key to sustaining success and achieving goals. Therefore, AL KHAIR Group works with the aim of enhancing its ability to adapt to rapid changes in markets and meet the needs of the local and regional economy in innovative and effective ways.

As it is a fact, walking towards success is an endless journey, and the secret of that success is persistence in the goal. Our goal was to set a clear vision for our future and develop our present. Yesterday, our beginnings were with one project, but today we have a larger group of qualitative projects based on innovative foundations that apply the latest technologies for managing industrial and service systems and facilities, through which we aspire not only to expand locally and regionally, but also to globalization at all levels.

We at Al-KHAIR Group believe that the most important element in our success is our team, which has the skills, experience, and determination, and all our partners. Therefore, we work to provide a stimulating and supportive work environment that allows each party to develop, innovate, and be fully empowered.

We are committed to quality in every aspect of our business, and we always strive to achieve the highest standards of performance and excellence, and we do our best to continue the process of progress and growth to meet the expectations of our customers and partners.

At last, I am deeply proud of the resilient team behind the phenomenal growth of Group. As the company’s leadership, we uphold our promise to grow together and will train our staff to the accomplish their tasks at the best of their ability.

Thank you for believing in AL KHAIR.

Hamoud Hamad Al Marri


Hamoud Hamad Ali Al Marri

Chairman of Board of Directors