About Us

Al Khair Holding Group

AlKhair is a Kuwaiti stock closed company with a capital of thirty million Kuwaiti dinars. Al-Khair was established in 2019, and its mission is to start its own development projects and participate in projects within the sectors of investment, industry, energy, clean technology, recycling, water, waste management, and renewable energy.


“Delivering Energy & Green Solutions.
Driving sustainability. “

Al KHAIR Holding Group is at the hub of providing integrated utilities services to all sectors in the State of Kuwait and MENA region.

Through the quality and consistency of our energy & green solutions, we are aiming to create uniqueness and thriving economy for the whole region.

Join us, let’s start transforming our economies through the power of sustainability.


AL KHAIR Holding Group is led by a experience team of industry professional with expertise across the investment, trading & contracting, engineering, clean technologies, energy & renewable, recycling & waste management, and service providing. They incorporate company values and uphold their commitment to an ethical approach while accompalishing business milestones.


We implement sound policies and guidelines into our corporate culture to foster an atmosphere where supporting our employees, building on the company’s goals, and seeking new opportunities take priority.

Our compliance guidelines encourage transparency, honesty, and ethical behavior across all aspects of our business. We uphold our promise of providing sustainable solutions and responsibly delivering multi-service utilities by fulfilling our ethical commitments to our company, stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and environment.

Professional Code of Conduct Policy

At AL KHAIR Group, we ensure employee rights and legal compliance with a well-developed code of conduct policy. As a result, our competent workforce moves forward in the right direction by adhering to the core values of excellence, respect, and accountability.

Our business conduct is based on trust and integrity, with the highest ethical standards as the ultimate foundation of all our actions. The comprehensive guidelines enhance the decision-making of our governance while supporting our endeavors with successful practices, including risk management and employee protection.

Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transaction Policy

Any ethical concerns regarding third-party relations are subject to reviewal from the executive committee. In case of any perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest, our employees must consult this policy to safeguard organizational interests and reputation.


Understanding the impacts of our diverse operations and our commitment to environmental protection drive us to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our projects. This perspective has opened many possibilities for AL KHAIR Group with the primary suppliers and service providers.
As we diversify our models, our growth has focused on elevating the living standards of our communities, improving economic conditions, and introducing advanced technologies in the power and enviromental sectors.

Another milestone for AL KHAIR in the pursuit of sustainable solutions is the long-term partnership with the key international solutions providers.


“Empowering the future with innovation.”

AL KHAIR Group is building the organization to be a future – oriented business group and technologically equipped as a part of its long- term strategic plan. As a result, the group is adopting and the innovation concepts and technology from around the globe.