Vision and goals


“To be the leading gateway for the transfer of technology and knowledge in the region.”


“Transfer technology and clean technology knowledge to the region to contribute “In empowering and sustaining the local economy.”

Objectives of Al Khair Holding Group

Al Khair Holding Group is distinguished by leading the sustainability process through the latest green project technologies in the Middle East and North Africa region. Learn about our goals:

Building platforms to facilitate technology transfer in the energy, clean technology, recycling, environment, waste management and renewable energy sectors to develop technical skills

Initiating special projects as a master developer in Kuwait, the GCC countries and the Middle East and North Africa region in the energy, environment, water and renewable energy sectors

Participation as a strategic partner in existing or new green projects in the above-mentioned sectors at the regional level.

Working with market leading companies on their existing projects investing in private equity and buyout transactions and investing in energy funds for regional expansion, with proven concepts and proven track records to ensure a sustainable business model.